Large Convention

The Cable Show is an international convention that we've been working with for about a decade. Here, we show a bit of the 2010 exposition. Attracting more than 15,000 attendees annually, our challenge was to design a unique brand beginning with the logo. From there we created all digital and print supporting pieces.

Large Event
Another long term collaboration of ours is The Kaitz Dinner. This annual celebration advocates for diversity throughout the telecommunications industry. Our job each year is to design fresh, one-of-a-kind graphics for this $1,500 per-plate event. Once the key art is established we implement everything from a web presence to on-site signage.

Mid-Sized Event
For the past six "seasons" we've designed the annual Hollywood Creative Forum graphics. The forum brings talented writers and producers of color face-to-face with television and film luminaries. The Los Angeles event graphics have been so successful that they've helped spur the also now annual Hollywood Creative Forum-EAST which happens in New York City.